Media and Presentation Equipment

Media and Presentation Equipment

Whether you’re a supplier of AV carts or a school that relies on them for holding and transporting media equipment, Fairlawn Tool, Inc. can provide AV cart metal fabrication solutions that meet your requirements. We’re an experienced audio visual carts contract manufacturer that can bring your unique product design to life. As a single-source AV carts contract manufacturing company, we can also supply cart parts and components — and even provide complete assembly and packaging services.

What Are the Benefits of Working With a Single-Source AV Carts Contract Manufacturer?

Our Maryland facility covers more than 100,000 square feet and contains the latest metal fabrication equipment technologies and process controls. This allows us to complete every phase of your AV cart contract manufacturing project in-house, without relying on outside sources or third-party vendors. Consequently, we can provide a short turnaround time for your project and keep production costs under control.

What’s more, we maintain a tight rein on quality. As an ISO 9001:2008-certified company, we make quality a key focus of every aspect of our operation. Our goal is to be more than just another supplier — we strive to serve as a direct extension of our customers’ success.

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Fairlawn Tool, Inc. has been providing efficient, cost-effective metal fabrication solutions since 1954. Our service area includes the East Coast and beyond. Contact us to learn more about how our AV cart metal fabrication services can benefit your organization.