CNC Turret Punching

CNC Turret Punching

At Fairlawn Tool, Inc., we pride ourselves on our advanced CNC Turret Punch Presses and our ability to create perforated metal sheets as well as complex sheet metal parts. We are able to work with a variety of metals including Stainless Steel, Monel, Aluminum and Copper.

Because of our setup as a single source solution, we are able to greatly reduce our lead and turnaround times compared to other contract manufacturers. These in house efficiencies allow us to pass those savings along to you, the customer, while still maintaining the highest quality standards.

We offer an experienced team, as well as state-of-the-art equipment and machinery. Expect nothing but the best when you choose Fairlawn Tool, Inc. for your sheet metal punching needs.

Benefits of CNC Turret Punching

When you’re facing a project that requires sheet metal punching, there’s no better option than CNC turret punching. It’s an approach that delivers value especially with larger orders, and you get the quality and precision you need to successfully move forward with your work.

Further benefits include:

  • Use of chamfered corners rather than arcs
  • Uniform hole sizes
  • Reduced complexity in the curves used
  • Alignment between stock tools and hole sizes

At Fairlawn Tool, Inc., we can even provide custom tooling when you need precision CNC punching service on large runs. Additionally, when you choose us for sheet metal punching, we work to understand your project and its needs first.

Your Go-To Contract Manufacturer

We are the best option for contract manufacturer services, sheet metal punching and much more. We have the team, tools, resources and experience needed to get jobs finished correctly and on-time. At Fairlawn Tool, Inc., we see ourselves as an extension of your success, so we’re invested in the quality of each job.

Contact us today to learn more about our cnc precision punching services.