Robotic Welding

Robotic Welding


Welding is the process of fusing two pieces of metal together to form a particular shape or part. It is a key element of metal fabrication. Manual welding is still commonly used today, but there is another option – automated welding processes make use of robotic welding tools to perform welding operations without direct human involvement.

The combination of an experienced welding team plus the power and efficiency of robotic welding automation can achieve dramatic and beneficial results. At Fairlawn Tool, Inc., we incorporate automated robotic welding into our contract manufacturing processes to help us deliver the fastest, most effective services to our clients across all industries.

We’re always looking to incorporate the latest and greatest in technology, which means our automated robotic welding tools feature the most advanced programming and communications possible. We can apply these robotic welding tools and resources to different types of jobs for a range of client needs.


Setting up for robotic welding requires a significant investment. If it didn’t pay off in the end, traditional welding would remain more prominent. We still have plenty of manual welding requests for more customized or smaller jobs, but in today’s contract manufacturing world, automated welding works in tandem with welding operations teams because of the following benefits:

  • High Quality. Accuracy and precision are of the utmost importance in any mass manufacturing process. Automated welding helps achieve precise results and consistency across large production batches. The improved repeatability shows up in the final products.
  • Fast turnaround. It’s always a delicate balance between speed and accuracy in the manufacturing world, but automated welding lets you have both. Production cycles shrink as automated welding processes move at speeds up to four times as fast as traditional, manual welding. These short production cycles open up new possibilities as you consider the best ways to serve your own customers.
  • Reduced waste. Wasting material is not only costly, it’s also bad for the environment. Manufacturing creates an enormous carbon footprint, so anything we can do to reduce the waste we create is always desirable. Robotic welding takes out materials that aren’t needed, as well as unnecessary steps and processes. The repeatability of automated welding ensures you are wasting as little as possible.
  • Increased Safety. While Fairlawn Tool, Inc. uses AWS-Certified welders who are trained in the best and safest techniques for manual welding, there is always a danger to employees who are working with extreme heat and molten metal up close. Robotic welding automation machines reduce the direct involvement of human workers, keeping them out of harm’s way. The added safety of this method allows us to focus more of our efforts on making sure you have the highest-quality metal fabricated products possible.


There are a number of reasons why you’ll want to come to Fairlawn Tool, Inc. for your robotic welding services. The first is experience. Fairlawn Tool, Inc. has been meeting the welding and other metal fabrication needs of companies all over the East Coast and beyond for over sixty years.

The second is our equipment. We have some of the most state-of-the-art equipment in the metal fabrication world, and our automatic robotic welding tools are high-quality machines that are extremely accurate and reliable. In addition, we can be a one-stop shop for all your metal fabrication needs, as we are skilled and experienced in everything from metal stamping to CNC turret punching and tube bending.


The bottom line is that automated welding saves your business money. At Fairlawn Tool, Inc., we consider ourselves an extension of your success. We include robotic welding as part of our production process to help you reduce overall costs and better serve your own customers.

Because we’re invested in your success, we place a heavy emphasis on consistent quality. While we handle large contract manufacturing jobs that include an extensive amount of components and final products, we make sure each one meets the highest quality standards.

For experience, quality and customer service, Fairlawn Tool, Inc. is unrivaled among metal fabrication companies. We may use precision welding robots for some of our jobs, but our human employees are just as dedicated to your company’s continued growth. If you have welding needs, we’d love to talk to you about them. Contact us today about robotic welding for your project.