Precision Sheet

Precision Sheet

Outstanding sheet metal fabrication requires an emphasis on quality and precision. At Fairlawn Tool, Inc., we have the experience and processes needed to deliver the precise results you demand. We work each day with companies on the East Coast and beyond, executing sheet metal fabrication to exact specifications.

We also work in a diverse group of industries, including electronics, defense, aerospace, pharmaceutical, automotive, hospitality, and construction. We have all the tools and resources in-house to meet your precision sheet metal fabrication needs, which allows us to offer fast turnaround times and competitive pricing.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Techniques

Many of our customers come to us with complex sheet metal fabrication needs. We respond with a depth of experience that allows us to quickly get up to speed with our customers’ specifications and to develop the approach for large order sheet metal fabrication that will deliver the best possible results. We then perform the needed techniques and services, including:

During the cutting process, we use precision in shearing, stamping, drilling and sawing, deburring, sanding and painting to create pristine components that meet specifications and achieve consistency during production.

Partnering for Your Success

Choose Fairlawn Tool, Inc. as your sheet metal fabricator, and enjoy access to a fast, effective team that keeps its services in-house to serve customers quickly and with high-quality results. We consider ourselves an extension of your success, which means we’re fully invested in the quality of each fabricated component and the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our processes and services.

Contact us today about sheet metal fabrication for your business.