Manual Welding

Manual Welding


Some parts can be formed out of a single piece of metal, but in other cases, you will need to join two pieces of metal together to form your desired shape. Joining metal together requires subjecting part of the metal surfaces to extreme heat so they are fluid enough to be combined, forming one connected part upon cooling. This process is called manual welding.

We have the capacity to handle large production welding fabrication services, usually in combination with our robotic welding services. Our manual welding services are well suited to small run and highly custom commercial orders.


When you need production welding services from a certified welding team who place an emphasis on precision, quality and efficiency, you want welding fabrication from Fairlawn Tool, Inc. Our team members are AWS Welding certified to provide metal parts for mechanical and other products.

At Fairlawn Tool, Inc., we are well-equipped to provide large production welding fabrication services to many different industries. Our certified professionals are skilled in a variety of manual welding techniques and can provide any unique parts you may need. We also do all of our metal fabrication in-house in our 100,000-square foot facility in Pennsylvania, so you know that we can perform the production welding services you need in a timely fashion and get your parts to you fast.

For quality manual welding fabrication in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, and beyond, our customers know we will provide their project on time and of the highest quality.


When you choose Fairlawn Tool, Inc., you are choosing a team that offers skill and capacity. Our resources for welding services include:

  • Mig: 9 Mig welding stations.
  • Tig: 3 Tig welding stations.
  • Spot: 4 spot welding stations with digital controls.

If you’re not familiar with these different types of manual welding services, here’s a brief overview:


MIG welding may also be called GMAW, or Gas Metal Arc Welding. In this method of manual welding fabrication, the operator uses a special welding gun to fire electricity through a wire electrode attached to the metal. This process heats up the metal to its melting point for welding.

This type of welding is commonly used to weld alloys like steel, nickel, copper, magnesium, aluminum and others. It is popular for use in the automotive field and other manufacturing applications of all sizes.


TIG welding may also be called GTAW, or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. It is similar to MIG welding, except it uses a tungsten electrode to create a molten weld puddle.

This process may also involve adding an external filler rod into the puddle to increase mechanical processes. TIG welding is popular in the aerospace industry, the motorcycle industry and for piping systems.


Spot welding is a popular method of welding fabrication that uses electrical current to generate heat to join metals. The welder concentrates an electric current to a particular spot and clamps the metal surfaces together, allowing a quick joining without unnecessary heating throughout the metal.

Spot welding is very effective for joining wire mesh and some kinds of sheet metal. It is popular in the automotive and orthodontics industries.

Thanks to a wide range of capabilities and in shop services, we are also able to provide gas welding, stainless steel welding, aluminum welding, zinc metallizing, arc welding and much more.

We provide manual welding services that perfectly match your vision. Rather than fitting your parts and project into a preexisting service template, we seek to understand your needs and then provide the best in metal shop welding to meet them. We also offer robotic welding depending on your project needs.


For all your welding and metal fabrication needs, contact Fairlawn Tool, Inc. As a full-service contract manufacturer, Fairlawn Tool, Inc. offers a range of services, including manual welding services. We are a single source solution, meaning we have the team and resources to handle all capabilities in-house.

Our status as a single source solution lets us turn around welding fabrication orders much faster than other providers. We also save money by keeping things in-house, and we choose to pass those savings along to you, the customer.

We see ourselves as a direct extension of your company’s success, which is why we are always focused on quality and attention to detail with each job. When you need manual welding services that are high quality with a quick turnaround, turn to Fairlawn Tool, Inc.