How Does a Tube Bender Work?

CNC Tube Bending | Fairlawn Tool, Inc.Do you need a tube bender for your industrial applications? In order to answer this question, you need to know how tube benders work, so you can understand how and when tube bending could be right for you.

How Does Tube Bending Work?

While there are a number of different types of tube bending machines, including press benders, rotary draw benders and roll benders, the basic purpose of these machines is to create a curved tube by putting pressure on a metal pipe so that it bends at a precise angle.

When Do You Need a Professional Tube Bender?

While you can conceivably learn to bend tubing with a hand bender, this puts stress on the employee doing the work, is much slower and less efficient than using a quality tube bending machine and may not give you the consistent, precise bends that you want.

Getting the right bend is not always easy. You need to consider factors like wall thickness, bend radius, bend degree, material hardness and other issues. If the smallest details are not accounted for, you may not get an accurate bend, and your application may not work properly. If you are mass producing bent pipes, the consequences of this can be a big problem for your business.

When you hire a professional metal fabricator for your tube bending, there is no need for you to learn how to bend tubing with a pipe bender. Professional tube benders are able to give you easily replicated, precisely bent tubes to fit whatever pipe applications you need. The cost of using a bend tubing professional is easily worth the levels of precision and efficiency you gain.

Choose Fairlawn Tool for All Your Tube Bending Needs

Fairlawn Tool can handle all of your projects that require tube bending. We have the rarely-found Crippa 955LE CNC tube bender, a highly advanced Italian tube bending machine that can create multiple close shapes in a single cycle. It is one of the most sophisticated and efficient tube bending machines on the market. The Crippa 955L is an extremely flexible machine that can be manually indexed for clockwise and counterclockwise bending. It has nine axes driven by electric motors and CNC control with no hydraulics, resulting in high-quality operation with low waste setup and good energy conservation statistics. It’s also able to create bends with a radius of less than 0.8d and has one of the highest production speeds on the market.

If you need fast, accurate tube bending for your pipes, choose Fairlawn Tool. To learn more, contact Fairlawn Tool today or give us a call at 410-374-1100.

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